The EVOL Project 2019
Seven Sundays, Seven Chakras
March 3  2-4:30pm  Grounding to Grow
March 10  2-4:30pm  Open to Possibility
March 17  2-4:30pm  Ignite Your Power
March 24  2-4:30pm  Forgiveness and Love
April 14  2-:4:30pm  Honesty and Trust
April 21  2-4:30pm The Light Within
April 28  2-4:30pm  Inspiration
*each session includes yoga, discussion, meditation and an activity.  Location varies each week based on activity.  Most classes will be held outside.  Register by filling out contact form below. 


Weekly Schedule:
*Mon 5:30-6:45pm
      Breath and Movement @Woven (Yoga Bound)
*Fri 6-7pm
      Vinyasa @Equinox
*Sun 8-9am
      Yoga level 1 @Soulshine
*Sun 11:30am-12pm
     Best Stretch Ever @Equinox
*Sun 2-4:30pm
      The EVOL Project, Chakra class discussion and activity (March thru April 2010)
On-Line Classes.
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Teacher Training
& Retreats

Please reach out to me with requests.  
200 hr Yoga and Movement Training
50 hr Chakra and Movement Training
50 hr Anatomy and Sequencing Training
25 hr Wall Yoga 
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