Third Chakra
Posted on February 1st, 2017

​If Root Chakra is your relationship with your tribe and your past, Second Chakra is your relationship to others.  Then Third Chakra is the relationship you have with yourself....

​It is depicted as the color orange.  The element here is fire.  It represents stepping into your power, and the development of your self.  The ego lives here, but also self-esteem and confidence.  When we let the ego take over, there is an imbalance and we try to win or dominate or manipulate conversations and relationships in our lives.  When we find a healthy balance, knowing who we are and what we stand for, this chakra floods our self-esteem and the love we have for ourselves. 

​Think about moments in your life when someone asked  you to do something and you did it without hesitation.  That is moving from a healthy third Chakra.   

Some activities to do to get to know your third Chakra:
​~Intense activities like running, spin class, kick boxing, power yoga.  Things that push you out of your comfort zone and force you step up or step out. In yoga, arm balances, intense twists and core work. 
​~Foods to eat to create balance is in your third Chakra:
​Complex carbohydrates like pasta, breads and rice.  Also yellow curry is great for this area. 
​~Questions to ask yourself: What makes me feel powerful?  What makes me feel powerless?  Do I spend just as much time feeding my soul as I do my ego? 

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