Second Chakra
Posted on January 24th, 2017

​Second chakra is often depicted as orange in color and is about 2" above the base of the spine.  If first chakra involves being part of a tribe and following traditions, second chakra is about breaking out of the mold.  It is the birthplace of choice.  Its not necessarily where you make choices, but its where you realize you have choices. 

Thus, its element is water.  Its about being less rigid in your life and more fluid, moving around obstacles and finding new ways to move thru your life.  Sometimes we feel stuck living in a way we are used to and comfortable with, but often find ourselves dreaming and thinking about another life, that is the beginning of second chakra work.  

When we spend time realizing that we are surrounded by thousand of choices everyday, we feel less stuck and more liberated.  And when you begin to invite this energy into your life, creativity finds its way into your life.  The kind of creativity that inspires you to create something, whether its writing, painting, or simply sharing stories, creativity is the process of taking a thought and turning it into something.  

Some activities to do when you want to feel and enhance the energy of your second chakra:  
​   ~Swim, play in the rain.  Any water activities.
   ~Eat fruits, especially citrus fruits and drink juices.
   ~Paint, draw, write, play with clay  
   ~Physical movement that is fluid in nature, vinyasa or flow yoga, Quigong, water aerobics.         ~Journal: What is something new I'd like to try in my life?  What keeps me from stepping outside my circle of comfort?  When was the last time I played or laughed like a child?  What do I use for my creative outlet?  

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