Root Chakra
Posted on January 18th, 2017

​Muladhara Chakra
Root Chakra.  Located at the base of the spine, generally depicted as the color Red.  It represents stability, security, loyalty and tribe.  For me its greatest influence has been on trusting my body and feeling comfortable in my own skin.  To develop that trust, I had to heal the relationship I had with my past and where I’m from.  When we learn about this Chakra, we ask ourselves questions about where we come from, and do we have a healthy relationship with our roots?  We learn who are tribe was and is, and we evaluate the lessons we have learned and continue to learn from them.  Try some of the below activities to understand more about your Root Chakra.

·         Writing exercise.  Keep your pen on the paper for a continuous 5 minutes.  Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just write and consider these questions. What does the word ‘Home’ mean to me?  Is it a person, a place?  Does it provide comfort?  Stability?  What makes me feel grounded?  Do I love my body?  Do I love my history? What are your traditions?      
·         Yoga exercise.  Be barefoot in nature; sand, grass, dirt.  Stand rooted to the spot in Tadasana.  Close your eyes and feel your roots.  Imagine that your legs don’t stop at your feet, but feel them connect to the earth and its core.  Try standing on one foot in a pose like Tree and see how it feels to have one limb connected. 
·         Get in the kitchen and cook.  Ideally eat foods that come from the earth like root veggies.  Feel the food in your mouth as you chew slowly and savor each bite. 
·         Chanting the word LAM either vocally or in your head stimulates vibration in this chakra region.  Or repeat a mantra:  ‘I have the right to be here and take up space’, or ‘I am home’.    
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