What is a Chakra?
by Wendy Garafalo on January 17th, 2017

What is a Chakra anyway? 

You might hear the word Chakra often, or it might be new to you.  For me it has become part of my everyday life.  It is the way I organize and blend spiritual elements into the realities of my life.  I use the chakra system in my parenting techniques, and in the way I communicate with the people closest to me.  

Chakras are energy centers in our body.  They influence our behavior, our reactions and the way we deal with situations in our lives.  You can think of them like spinning wheels.  There are seven main chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  Each wheel spins at a different frequency. 

Think for instance of a situation that made you angry.  Take a moment to feel how your body responded, where did you feel it?  For me, I feel anger in my gut, a.k.a. my third chakra.  It makes my 3rd chakra wheel spin extremely fast.  Its not an emotion I like holding on to, so immediately my chakra system finds a way to get rid of it, so that the wheel can spin at its normal frequency.  I have several choices on how I can move that energy.  I can become re-active, and the first person whom I see or who adds to my anger, I can fly off the handle, yell, over-react.  Sound familiar?  I have to check myself frequently with this when it comes to my kids!  And, if this is the path I choose, it can throw off my entire chakra system because afterwards, I feel guilt, shame, embarrassment, etc.  There are other ways I can move this energy.  I can choose, to take a moment to realize the effect anger is having on my body, perhaps I go for a run to work some of it out.  Personally, I start vigorously cleaning my house to try to rid myself of that energy.  When I’m totally aware of it and approaching it from my yogic mind, I sit with it for some time, then I find a way to work thru it via yoga, including breathing and meditation. 

The chakras are a very personal journey and the way we re-act or respond to certain situations will be different each time.   The power comes from the choices you make.  How you choose to move energy in your body, and what type of energy you express into your life and into the lives of the people you know and love. 

Thus knowing the chakra system, knowing how you hold tension in your own body and finding ways to empower your choices to make the changes you want to make is why I love this system so much.   More coming soon on each chakra and its characteristics!           

And if you want to know more, join me April 26-30 in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a Chakra Shift Yoga Retreat.  There will be spa time, yoga time, healing time and 'me' time.  Sound enchanting?  Check out my homepage for details.

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