The Cucumber Shift
Posted on August 24th, 2016

By now, you have read or watched the video of Luca's EVOL garden.  If not watch it now by clicking here. The garden box with EVOL is flourishing!  It just keeps growing!  Yesterday, we picked a huge cucumber that was hiding behind some leaves.  It had grown into the little fence and had sort of an ugly shape to it.  It was indented on one side and kind of curvy.  

Cucumbers are Luca's favorite, so we brought it in, washed it and I proceeded to cut it open.  When I did, something miraculous happened.  The cucumber slice was in the shape of a heart!  My perspective immediately shifted into huge smile.  Of course the EVOL garden would produce heart shaped cucumber slices.  

As I do with everything, I found a way to relate this to your life.  You walk into my class, any yoga class, any relationship, job, situation with expectations and judgments.  Its not something you can stop, its how the brain works.  Generally we aren't even aware of the judgments.  We have this constant running dialogue in our heads that we've gotten so used to, we simply tune it out.  But its there!  So you walk in expecting to be healed, to be pieced back together, to be loved and to be appreciated.  You come in flawed.  And you expect to walk out with everything fixed; no money problems, no body problems and happy relationships. 

But the goal of life is not to 'fix' you.  The goal of yoga is not to correct your imperfections.  The true goal, underneath the hoopla of crazy poses, the true goal is for you to be cut open.  To get to know yourself on a deeper level.  To have those real conversations with your demons and your fears.  To shine a light on your shadow.  And when you do, finding a way to love the shit out of it!  Love your fear, your anger, your history for all it has taught you and all it will teach you.  You say Thank You, for protecting me when I needed it.  Thank you for showing me that shadow cannot exist unless there is also light.  You cut yourself open to find the love, to shine the light.  Thus you move from judgment to understanding, from darkness to light, from illusion to truth.  You are gorgeously flawed, you are ridiculously amazing and you are full of LOVE!  So cut in my friends and relish in your beautiful souls.  

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