Mama Lesson #25
by Wendy Garafalo on May 19th, 2016

​Mama lesson #25. Magic Hands.

I had been around a few kids in the past and witnessed the band-aid phase. As cute as it is, I wanted to do something different. When Luca was little, we started doing what we call 'Magic Hands'. I take my hands, rub them together, generate some heat, and place them where it hurts. After Avi was born, whenever she was crying, Luca would come over to us, rub his hands together and place his hands on her. Melt my heart! 

I love the 'Magic Hands' lesson because it is a lovely reminder of how healing it can be to touch. And I'm so glad that my kids are growing up witnessing the healing benefits of touch. My friends in High School used to make fun of me because I was not a hugger. After moving to Los Angeles and finding my yoga tribe, I became a hugger. I even went to see Amma, the hugging saint, when I was pregnant with Avi, just to get a hug! In hugs, in the placement of a hand on someone's shoulder or back, I'm saying 'I'm here and I'm sending you love and healing'. So, the next time someone in your life needs your magic touch, give it to them. And if you teach yoga, when you place your hands on someone during class, have a pure intention behind it. Thank you life for these lessons. 

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