Mama Lesson #26
by Wendy Garafalo on May 10th, 2016

​Mama lesson #26. Do your shoes fit?

Anytime I leave my shoes out, Aviana always tries to put them on. Sometimes she actually gets them on, then drags her feet to find and show me. Its so damn cute! But, as always, I see the lesson in this moment. Although I love that she wants to wear my shoes, I want her to find the shoes or 'life' that fits her. 

Sometimes we get caught up living the life or the dreams someone else has for us, or even the dreams we once had. We are constant vehicles of change, so we need to make the changes necessary to fit our evolving souls. 

If your shoes don't fit, stop trying to make them fit. If your constantly living under the umbrella of expectation, stop it. Go make your own life. Quiet your mind, listen to your soul, and be true to YOU! And know that its okay to change, its part of life. 

May you embrace your journey exactly as it exists and may you have the courage to find your own shoes, or go barefoot! Just promise you'll stop fooling yourself, open your eyes and follow the guidance of inspiration that comes to you everyday.

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