Mama Lesson #32
by Wendy Garafalo on April 19th, 2016

​Mama lesson #31. Ask Questions. If you have kids over the age of 4, you know all to well the question phase. Luca is definitely in it and has been for a while. And yes sometimes it wears on me. I've found myself saying, 'no more questions for the next 5 minutes'. But then of course there comes, 'what's 5 minutes?' Its never ending! 

But all kidding aside, I love the questions. I was always a pretty shy kid. When I got to school, I was afraid to raise my hand to ask a question. I'm still the same, I don't like to ask for directions, I'd rather figure it out on my own. Luca is teaching me that its okay to ask questions. Its okay to ask 'is this the right job for me', 'is this the right partner for me'. Sometimes we suppress heavy questions because of the amount of change that might come with it. 

Guess what people? Life is constantly changing. The longer you put off the questions, the more intense the change will be. Don't be afraid to ask yourself heavy questions, and don't be concerned if you don't know the answer. Your best bet, meditation! Find a meditation that works for you, do it everyday. Even if you do it for 2 minutes everyday. It helps clear up the clutter in the mind, so you know what questions need asking, and you know what questions you are ready to answer. 

So ask away my friends. Question everything, and accept the beauty of change that comes with it. ‪#‎namaste‬ ‪#‎kidgurus‬ ‪#‎thisismyyoga‬ Mukti Yoga School Yoga Bound Carlsbad Village re:form YOGA ‪#‎askquestions‬ #

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