Mama Lesson #21
by Wendy Garafalo on April 6th, 2016

​Mama lesson #21. Is that a mirror? Luca has been coming up to me the last few days and holding my cheeks, looking into my eyes and asking, is that a mirror? He laughs with delight, when I say no, that's the mama! But really, we are mirrors of one another. He picks up on everything I do.

Are your kids obsessed with your iphone or ipad? Check yourself, are you the addict and they are simply mirroring your actions? Do you sit down to eat with your kids or are you running around trying to prepare other things? Do your kids then have a hard time sitting still for meals? If there is a behavior your kids are doing that you don't like, ask yourself, is it a mirror or your own behavior?

Be an example to them always. Be present as often as you can. Sure, we are busy, we need time to do chores, run errands, answer e-mails. I try everyday to set aside a time for 'mommy to do her work'. I go to a different place in the house, Its usually when Avi is napping, so I set Luca up with an activity or something to watch. But when my work time is over, I do my best to be present with my kids, to acknowledge their wants to hear their laughter. For God knows, time is precious and its flying by.

Thank you Luca for being my mirror and my greatest teacher. Thank you for looking into the depths of my soul and thank you for showing me the way from darkness to light. You are my little guru. 
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