Mama Lesson #8
by Wendy Garafalo on November 12th, 2015

Mama lesson #8. When you are ready for your next step, state it and do it. Last night Luca decided he didn't want to sleep in a diaper anymore. He's always been really sure about a new phase when he's ready for it. I remember when he was 5 months old, he took out the pacifier I was desperately trying to put in his mouth and threw it across the room. One morning after nursing him, he rolled over and said 'bye bye boobie', and never asked for it again. His determination is a good reminder for everyone. Sometimes we set a new goal, state a new mantra, wish for a change, then we go back to our old habits, the way we've always done things and a few months later we circle back and wonder where we went wrong. When you set a new intention with the universe, live as if it already exists. Our minds are so very powerful. If you want to make a change, imagine yourself doing it, then do it. Sure, you'll face fear, doubt, insecurities, but greet them with a hello, then continue on your path. Thanks little man for the reminder. May your intentions be pure and may you find the strength that already exists within to manifest your dreams. Namaste everyone!

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