Mama Lesson #7
by Wendy Garafalo on November 12th, 2015

Mama lesson # 7. The first step. I love anatomy and I love understanding the body and the way it moves. I'll never be more amazed than I was when my kids took their first steps. It's the build up that amazes me. The way they lift their legs when lying on their backs is actually their psoas contracting so they can learn to sit up. From there, the way the hamstrings extend, the quads contract, all the muscles in the foot engage to find balance. Its really a symphony of muscles contracting and releasing in order to take that one little step. Every time I face a new challenge, I remember those first steps. I realize now that the first step we take in anything is always the hardest. Trying something new, moving to a new area, taking on a new role, it can seem overwhelming. Just remember that your life, your past has been prepping you for this next step. All you have to do is TAKE the first STEP and let the journey unfold from there! Namaste #enjoytheride #mamalesson #yogimama #yogaisawayoflife #learningfrommykids

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