Mama Lesson #2
by Wendy Garafalo on November 9th, 2015

Mama lesson #2... Billadents... Luca likes to make up words. According to Luca, a billadent is a circle shape in wood. And when he finds one, it makes him laugh! His imagination is a beautiful reminder that sometimes, we don't have to follow the rules. I've always been a perfectionist (a virgo!), and when I don't do something exactly as its intended, I feel stressed. Luca reminds me to embrace creativity and to not be afraid to try something a little different. It can feel amazing, even liberating! I'm trying this in my home yoga practice, to step outside the lines, to place a hand in a new spot, to try a new sequence. I even took a bar/sculpt class tonight (totally out of my element)! When I think of a billadent, it reminds me to let go of fear and trust that the creative process will lead me to new understandings and a deeper love for this practice and this life. Namaste.

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