5 tips for incorporating Chakras into your life
Posted on May 7th, 2015

Those of you that know me, know that I love the chakras.  I could discuss them for days.  I’ve found a few simple ways to add chakra awareness into my everyday activities, to help keep my chakras balanced and to keep my awareness on the energy I allow into my body.  I hope they help give you some ideas to keep your chakras aligned and open.  Namaste!

First the principles of the seven chakras.
  1. Mooladhara Chakra:  grounding, rooting, stability, safety, trust, family, tribe, red
  2. Swadhisthana Chakra:  fluidity, creativity, play, sensuality, sexuality, orange
  3. Manipura Chakra:  strength, will, determination, power, self-esteem, yellow
  4. Anahata Chakra:  compassion, love, forgiveness, air, breath, green
  5. Vishuddhi Chakra:   truth, communication, choice, blue
  6. Ajna Chakra:  wisdom, understanding, knowledge, clarity, purple
  7. Sahasrara Chakra:  beyond form, connection, enlightenment, white

Now adding them into the mundane realities of life.
  1. Foods.  Luckily there are seven days of the week, and seven chakras.  So I try to pick foods each day that coincide with a specific chakra.  Or if I’m working on a specific chakra, I stick with those foods for a week.  First chakra is foods that keep me rooted like roasted root vegetables.  Maybe for you it’s a comfort food that you ate with your family as a kid.  Or you can choose to align with the colors of the chakras. 
  2. Cleaning.  I just moved to a bigger house and do my best to keep it clean.  To try to keep cleaning fun, I’ve designed each day with a specific task that relates to a chakra.  Again, I’m using the seven day week model.  So Monday I clean the floors (the place that roots me to the ground). Tuesday I water the plants and clean the bathrooms.  Wednesday I do the more vigorous cleaning (vacuuming, cleaning windows and blinds).  Thursday I dust (because I LOVE having photos everywhere in my house, when dusting I get to hold each of them and drift off into the memories for a moment).  Friday is my audible (I do whatever I didn’t get to during the week, or I ask for help).  Saturday we usually do some work outside and I do my best to be mentally present with my family.  Sunday we rest and relish in gratitude for a beautiful home and a healthy family.
  3. Parenting.  With my understanding of chakras, I do my best to communicate with my kids at whichever chakra they are developing.  For instance, as babies, they lived constantly in their first chakra.  When they cried, I held them, rocked them and made them feel safe and secure.  As my three-year-old enters into his third chakra, I respect his opinions and try to give him the space to set his own boundaries, and at the same time honor the boundaries I have set for him.  My intentions with them is to help them develop each chakra and to honor them each on their unique journeys. 
  4. Communicating.  Chakras to me are about understanding energy and being conscious of our habitual reactions to situations.  When our chakra wheels spin too fast it can make us anxious, angry or jealous.  There are several energies that we are uncomfortable holding on to.  When we are aware of how they influence our bodies, we can then learn from them and begin to communicate in a way that is honest and honors the energy within our body.  I had to have a tough conversation with an employer, and it was eating away at my third chakra.  I felt the tug in my belly, so instead of letting it fester, I kept reminding myself of the reasons why certain things needed to be said.  When I kept the focus on gratitude for the situation, and love for everything it taught me, it lightened the tension and made the conversation flow from a place of love (4th chakra), rather than fear or reaction (3rd chakra).  The goal here is to understand where you feel certain energy and to know your chakras enough and have the tools to move the energy into a place that is healthier for your mind and body.  
  5. Movement.  We all know how important exercise and movement is for the health of our bodies.  Exercise can become mundane or boring if we are not focusing on the energy transformation it can provide.  My yoga practice changes depending on which chakra needs more attention.  After moving, my personal practice focused on first chakra principles, grounding, stability and rooting.  I spent time walking the new neighborhood to get a better sense of my new roots.  Now that I feel a little more stable, my yoga has changed to flowing a bit more, trying new things, walking a a different route in the neighborhood, or trying a new yoga studio.  Maybe you change it up completely and try Tai Chi or just go to a park and PLAY!  Once I’ve tried some new things, I’ll step into a place of power and work my but off to improve my new activity, thus strengthening and opening my third chakra.  For 4th chakra, I always go back to what I love, yoga.  To open my 5th chakra, I sing and dance with my children.  Meditation and mindfulness in all activities helps to open the 6th chakra.  And always, give yourself time to rest and connect to manifest the inspiration that comes from the 7th chakra. 

May your chakra journey bring you peace, understanding and may it light a fire in you to learn and understand more.  May you incorporate the idea of energy into your everyday life and may it influence your habits and help you make the changes you want to make.  Namaste!       

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