Dear Hesitant Me
by Wendy Garafalo on April 23rd, 2015

Dear Hesitant Me:
I’m writing this to you to be a light in times darkness.  I’m very aware of the mental dialogue that goes thru your head during those times, so my hope is that you read this letter whenever those self-sabotaging thoughts arise. 

Remember how amazing you are!  Take a moment and close your eyes.  Feel the breath as it enters in your nose and allow a big sigh out your mouth.  Now feel the breath again and notice how amazing it is to take in oxygen.  And feel the power you have to change and manipulate your breath.  Let your breath remind you that you are a miracle, that every breath you take is precious.  Let the hesitation and worries that were swirling around in your mind blow away with the breath.  Take a moment to honor them for the lessons they continue to teach you, but rise above them and realize how menial they are. 

As you breathe, remember all the amazing journeys you’ve taken in this life time.  Remember the family and friends that love and support you.  Witness yourself growing, learning, finding courage and sometimes stepping back into the shadow.  But realize that in the shadow you learned a lot.  You watched, you witnessed and you grew just from noticing. 
And now remember your courageous self.  Remember your crowning moments.  For God’s sake, you grew two lives inside you!  You brought them into this world and everyday they continue to turn to you to find courage to find support.  You know you have enough to give them, go to that fountain of courage and strength and take a big gulp. 

You are here to step into your light.  You are here to manifest your dreams.  You are here to make the world a little brighter.  You are here to inspire.  So go now and BE. 

Namaste.  Yours truly,

The Strength Within

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