by Wendy Garafalo on April 12th, 2015

Metabolism is a funny word that we attach different attitudes towards.  Some of us feel we have great metabolism, others like to avoid the topic at all costs.  Some of us use metabolism as an excuse for why we like or dislike our bodies.  Metabolism at its most basic is this: the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.  And those of us that study yoga and its influence on the various systems in our body, know that two things have a tremendous impact on the chemical processes in our bodies; our mind and our breath. 

One of the best ways to maintain and even give your metabolism a boost is to pay attention to your breath and consciously take several deep breaths throughout the day.  Sounds easy right?  But more than likely, if you are reading this, this is the first time today you’ve even thought about your breath.  Take a moment now, take five deep breaths.  Don’t check messages while you do, put your phone down, close your eyes if you can and really pay attention to the breath.  Feel how amazing it is to inhale and fill your body with breath, with energy, with life.  Feel the rush of the exhale and let it release the tension you are probably carrying from your day and your responsibilities.      

The students I’ve worked with who want a boost in metabolism or even lose a little weight are always surprised when I take so much time making them slow down and pay attention to their breath.  The breath is the key to slowing down the mind.  Because the stress in the mind can and will affect your metabolism.  It’s the stress that causes unhealthy cravings.  It’s the stress that changes our internal processes and affects our digestion.  Most of the time all we really need are some deep breaths and to take a moment to slow down, to take a look around.  When you take a moment to breathe and to slow down, I encourage you to begin to notice and be grateful for all the amazing things that surround you.  I encourage you to start by looking at your body.  Find one part that you love, maybe it’s the softness of your skin, or the way you use your hands when you speak passionately.  Maybe it’s the curve in your feet or how good it feels physically when you close your eyes. 

Begin to notice that most of the things in your life that you ‘have to do’, are really things you ‘get to do’.  We are so blessed to live in such a thriving society, where water, food, shelter and safety are taken care of for us.  Because of that, we ‘get’ to go to work to provide for ourselves and our families.  We ‘get’ to go to the store to get food that is clean and organic.  We ‘get’ to clean our beautiful homes that offer us protection and safety.

So, my challenge to you in this process of understanding and even changing your metabolism is to take time to breathe and slow down your mind.  Once you do, try changing one little word, stop saying ‘I have to’, and start saying ‘I get to’.  Let your attitude begin to change your thoughts and just see how it begins to affect your metabolism your mood and your life.  Stay tuned for some short videos for morning sequences to help find your breath and give your metabolism a boost!

Wendy Garafalo

I’m teaching a workshop on April 18, Reset Your Metabolism, with nutrition guru Katie Bressack and Acupuncture specialist, Joe Crucio.  We’ll approach your metabolism from all three angles and provide tips for re-setting yours!  Workshop is at The Jocelyn Center in Manhattan Beach from 10-12.  Sign up here:  https://apm.activecommunities.com/citymb/Activity_Search/reset-your-metabolism/19544

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Ana - April 13th, 2015 at 1:03 AM
Great minds think alike. There's a blog post scheduled in my wordpress for tomorrow morning. While it does not touch upon metabolism, it does talk about breathing and living mindfully.
I love reading your posts. I can totally hear you speak in my head. And when you mentioned it, I could also see your hands as you're talking passionately about metabolism.
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