by Wendy Garafalo on April 1st, 2015

Since moving to our new home in Carlsbad, I’ve taken some time each night to talk to my 3-year-old and make sure he’s okay with all the changes.  I ask him two questions.  First, what did you do today that made you happy?  He usually answers with something like ‘pushing the button on the freezer to get ice’!  My second question, what did you do today that made you sad?  His answer usually goes something like this, ‘It made me sad when I didn’t get ice’! 
I love the simplicity in his little answers, but more than that, he’s not afraid to share both happiness and sorrow with the same enthusiasm.  It doesn’t make him sad to talk about things that make him sad, and vice versa with happy.  My goal and my hope is that he’s learning to embrace the duality that exists in his life everyday, and to teach him its okay to talk about both.    

This last year has been a roller coaster.  From my sister’s battle with breast cancer to our family moving to San Diego, there have been moments of elation and moments of hesitation, but I’m doing my best to embrace and ride the waves.  I hope to teach my children that life cannot be controlled, that life is messy and wonderful all at the same time.  That ‘spirit’ or ‘God’ is a unique combination of truth and love.  Which is for most of us, is the ultimate definition of duality.  Love is warm and fuzzy, truth is cold and prickly.  When you can embrace the two together, love who you are, love where you are and especially all the bumps in the road it’s taken you to get there, then you reach the God of your own unique understanding. 
May your lives be filled with duality and may you enjoy each hill and every valley!  May you live life to the fullest and breathe in all this life has to offer.  Namaste.

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