Aviana's Chakra Blessing
by Wendy Garafalo on March 31st, 2015

Below is a blessing I wrote for my daughter Aviana.  I gathered together some women from my family and yoga tribe to offer her these words. 

My dear sweet little Soul,
May all our souls come together and call into this space the God of each of our own unique understandings.  And when we refer to God, may you recognize it as calling forth the energy that resides within you that is of Truth and Love.  And we ask that spirit, that God, May your life be blessed. 

My hope is for you to first recognize that we are your first tribe, your family, the people from whom you will learn trust, security, loyalty and first bonds of what it means to feel loved.  Know now that you are so loved and that this tribe will always be here for you.  Our feminine energy, our Goddess spirits will always be there for you when you need us.  Whether we are near or far, in this life or the next, we will always be here for you.

May the strength, the security, the love that we give you, allow your spirit to blossom into finding your own path.  May you discover your own creativity, your own unique desires and develop relationships that will require you to learn to love others as we have loved you.  May this love ignite passion in your life, passion for others, passion to follow your creativity, and passion for what it is that makes you You.   

And may that love and creativity expand your thoughts and actions into a space of strength, of determination, of courage.  May you be brave as you step into the woman, the truly unique soul you are meant to be.  And may you learn to love yourself

As you feel your strength, courage and bravery expand in your soul, may you step into a space of compassion, of forgiveness and love.  May you face with grace the beautiful opportunities this life gives you to forgive.  And may you forgive and forget easily, recognizing that we are all souls on our own paths trying to find and connect to Truth and Love.  And always remember you have the power to forgive yourself, to love yourself and heal yourself.  And in that recognition may you find compassion.  And may you love bigger, brighter and more fully than you can ever imagine. 

When your heart is full of love, may you understand the importance of truth and choice in your life.  May you know that the subtle little choices in your life are the basis for your own empowerment.  May you choose surrender over judgment, faith over fear, and love over anger.  But in those moments when you choose to judge, to feel fear and to be angry, may you know that its okay, that its part of your journey and may you embrace it, and know that it is not right or wrong, just an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn, to grow, to expand the Truth and Love in your own soul.   For in order to live in the light, you have to experience the shadow.  So embrace it and allow your soul to experience humanity.   

As Truth and Love grow in your life, may you find and connect to your own intuition.  And may you trust that that intuitive voice inside is a voice filled with Truth and Love, is there as a guide and is always offering you a glimpse of your soul’s path. 

And finally as all your experiences happen in your life, may you remember that you are not the color of your skin, you are not your weight, your age, your religion.  Rather you are a beautiful soul, embracing all that it means to be human.  Trust that the unexpected events in your life are a form of your own spiritual education.  And know deep in your soul that it is all for you to connect to your own divinity, to the truth and love that exists within you. And may your journey lead you to your own awakening, to your own unique realization and understanding of God.   
And to that divine nature, that God of our own unique understanding, we ask again, may your life be blessed.  And may you always remember that we are here for you, our souls and yours connected forever.  Namaste baby girl. 

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Ali - March 31st, 2015 at 10:41 PM
This is absolutely beautiful! Namaste ~
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