Wendy teaches yoga from the heart.  Her teaching style has a way of moving your body and quieting your mind to open and heal the soul.  Her commitment to all students is to help them find a path of healing by connecting body mind and spirit.  She blends Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga with bits of Kundalini and Yin, creating a fluidity and grace that only someone who grew up in a dance studio could provide.  Amidst the movement, you’ll hear stories that offer a down to earth approach to the spiritual elements of yoga.  Anatomy, Alignment and Including spiritual themes is her passion and she is constantly taking new trainings and workshops to continue to connect with students at this level.  After studying with Julie Rader and Mukti Yoga, she continued her education with Sean Corne, Maty Ezraty and Annie Carpenter.    Wendy now leads teacher trainings with Mukti Yoga School, teaches weekly in Southern California, teaches workshops nationally and internationally and also leads classes on-line via The Green Yogi.  She loves her two children, her down-to-earth husband and all of her students. 

Upcoming Events

Please see my home page for upcoming events, classes, retreats and workshops.  For requests to teach at a venue, charity event or studio, please contact me via my contact page.  Namaste.  #gratitude


It is my intention to introduce yoga as often as I can, in my own unique spiritual way.  Every time you step on your mat you are offered an opportunity to 'practice'.  The beauty of this 'practice' is that it offers you a direct reflection of the way you interact and deal with things in your life.  When your mind is busy, you rush the poses.  When you are tired and sluggish, you rarely push yourself.  When you have an injury, it becomes your greatest teacher.  Whatever attitude you bring with you on the mat is exactly how you will 'show up' in your life.  You get to 'practice' yoga and learn more about yourself in the process.  You recognize your own empowerment and how the subtle choices can make all the difference.  There is no such thing as a bad or a good practice,  everytime you take the journey on the mat it is an opportunity to learn.  Embrace what you are learning and commit to only one thing, LOVE.  Love bigger and better than you ever thought possible.
(You are your own true teacher)